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its go time!

Before applying, Please read everything

3 Reasons athletes struggle 

No Stake in the Results - Everyone has goals of greatness and wants of success.  Not everyone invests in their success which often leads to minimal results.  When you make a commitment, you get returns on that commitment. 

Lack of a Plan - There's so many videos, posts, and articles out there that have try to show different things to help you get better.  Alot of them are really cool and creative.  The problem is that there is no plan.  No progression.  What you need is a plan that is creative and designed specifically for you.  No guessing.  Just results!

Information Overload - The most passionate athletes want to be a student of the game.  They look at all the information out there and talk to everyone with an opinion.  That can become confusing and contradicting.  Find and trust in someone who has knowledge, experience, and success.  

Your goals are our goals

As athletes, we are competitive in everything we do.  When we are given a goal it becomes ours and we are right there with you working for that success.  

We will identify your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and success timeframe.  We will set up stages for your programing and see the success through each stage.  We will build in sport specific movements and movement types to your training program.  

Your programming will be very fluid based on how we respond with our training.  This will help us make sure we get to your goals as quickly as possible.  

We will analyze your nutrition and make adjustments to complement your training regimen.  Nutrition and Performance must be applied together to get the best results.  

We will be available for constant support via email and whats app.  There's always questions that need to be answered and answers that need clarification.  We will be there to help you with everything.  

We will utilize the best training equipment and technology to analyze your movements and areas of opportunity.  

10 Keys to your success

Before you apply, please make sure you agree to these 9 things.  This will help ensure we start our success on the same page and understanding.  After reading and you agree then please apply and fill out your information.  

  1. Even though its not required, 3 months or more is the best minimum time to see the best results.

  2. My program is designed specifically for me

  3. Coach can not want it more than you.  

  4. Feedback will be needed via data, photos, and or videos 

  5. My weekly training will need to be 2-6 days per week

  6. My investment in myself is equated to hourly personal training sessions.  If I am not compliant.  I can be let go.

  7. Everyone's time and effort is important.  Complaining, excuses, lack of motivation, ect. are not acceptable

  8. I need to have access to the training resources for my workouts

  9. I am sure I can afford this high performance training and I am a great fit.  

If for any reason I feel you are not a good fit or I can not make you better I will let you know.  

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