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Swimming Lesson

Shark Training

MAKO and GoTime are teaming up to bring you swim lessons designed to elicit the fastest results for swimmers.  Our Instructors are highly trained, experienced, and motivated to get your swimmers to the next level.

Each class is 2 sessions per week at $110 per month

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Level 1

Designed to help swimmers become more comfortable in the water with blowing bubbles, breath control, body control, and water safety.

Level 2

Building on the fundamentals of Level 1 with floating, kicking, body balance, and breathing.

Level 3

After showing a grasp of Level 2.  Level 3 will begin to introduce arm movement, sculling, freestyle and backstroke. Before swimmers can join this group, they must be able to float on their front and back by themselves

Level 4

Preparing swimmers for the swim team/self swimming.  Introducing treading and other strokes.

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