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Our mission is to help you achieve your health and wellness goals - 
whatever they may be!


Join us for in person or online training and take your fitness level to new heights!

          Jeremiah Stanton


Sports and Health oriented since childhood.  Jeremiah loves competing and sees getting members to surpass their goals as the ultimate competition.  He uses his degree in Exercise Science to help him identify the best solutions to help you achieve your fitness or performance goal.

His philosophy - everyone is different so they need to be coached/motivated differently.  We need to identify all areas of opportunities and then seize those opportunities.

            Charles Ward



Health is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about life priorities. Living a "healthy lifestyle" allows you to feel and be at your best when it comes to everyday obligations. Luckily people are starting to see the importance of this... It does not matter if you're an athlete or someone that is just starting their health & fitness journey, a sound mind and body are needed to perform at the highest levels possible. That is where I step in and educate how to properly, and safely train with a purpose. With over 10 years of experience in the health & fitness industry and earning an Exercise Science degree from NMHU, this has allowed me to be versatile, creative, and well rounded as a Health & Fitness Specialist.



Alondra is an energetic, confident social butterfly but it wasn't always this way. As most teens she struggled with body image issues, teen depression and bad sleeping and eating habits. It wasn't until she received a warning from the doctor saying if she continued without treating these issues she would continue to suffer from symptoms of hypoglycemia (which if left untreated can cause permanent neurological damage and even death) that she knew she needed to make drastic lifestyle changes. She also knew her hereditary risk of developing diabetes so this was a wake up call. She was introduced to the fitness world by watching her older brother lifting weights and wondered if they could bring her any benefit. She started her own fitness education in early teen years first dispelling myths about weight training in teenagers and women.


To this day Fitness is her passion. Shes reaped the incredible benefits and wants more than anything to help others do the same. Shes eager to help guide you through your own fitness journey and celebrate with you in accomplishing your own personal goals.

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