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GoTime Fitness Pokemon Go Event details


  1. Pokemon Go 2020 GT Event October 17th 2pm to 5:00pm

    1. Use this popular app to bring in customers by possibly getting a gym on the app at GoTime

    2. Pokemon go event. 2PM-5PM.

    3.  Is there a permit required by the city to have this event? No

    4. Break the event into two different time sessions, capped off at 20 to 30 participants in each session. The Reason for this is to promote social distancing and to allow for a safe environment. Each session will be 1 hour long. At the gym. Participants of the event will be byod we will be offering small courtesy waters and granola bars as well. Teams of 3

    5. Registration will be through google form or signup genius.

    6. First group 4pm-5:30

      1. At Gotime by 4:00pm and get a count of everyone and begin and end at 5:30pm 

      2. PRIZE: Free shirt or maybe a free month membership or (half off a membership?)

      3. Best 2 out of 3 wins

    7. Second Group 5:35pm-7:00pm

      1. At GoTime, start by 5:35 to get a count of everyone (people from the last group are welcome to stay) and end by 7:00pm

      2. Team battles groups of 3

      3. PRIZE: Free shirt

  2. Tournament Rules 

    1.  Can only heal pokemon between battles

    2. If you lose you’ll go into the loser bracket 

    3. Lose lose can trade on community day

    4. You’ll be paired up with those similar levels 

    5. You must use your best 6 pokemon and notify us about your top best pokemon will pair you up on that too. 

    6. Team battles be 2 out of 3 and based off player level

    7. Stickers for each 2nd tier

  3. Managing 

    1.  Small snacks (such as gummies)

    2. Music in gym

      1. Beginning of each match begin with the pokemon theme song

    3. Gotime poke team (amount) 

      1. 3 employees 

        1. Get there an hour early

    4.  Stations

      1. Beginning of the tournament everyone starts lined up on the turf and stay 6 feet apart

      2. Winners go into performance area and continue with quarter finals

        1. Losers from the quarter finals and semifinals go on the loser bracket

      3. Losers go along the turf or the monkey bar set and get ready for the beginning of the loser bracket

        1. If u lose in the Loser bracket you go to the front and catch pokemon or trade with other players

  4. Advertisement

    1.  Post definitely on Instagram and any social media

    2. Put Flyers up at hotspots such as gyms and pokestops on the app

    3.  Air dropping the flyer to people at cabazon or other hot spots. Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6pm are the best time! (only works for Iphones)

  5. Raffles

    1. Second event 

    2. How are we going to contact?

    3. How are we going to do the raffle?


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